Our investment focus

The foundation of the Vinter Capital is to link and connect the business in Vietnam throughout the Asean Country.

The Opportunity, Asean country is booming and uniting under one economy alliance, More than 608 Million people live in Asean Country. Vietnam is the 6th largest economy in the Asean Country with 186,200 Billion GDP and at least 6% of GDP growth rate every year since years 2000 is one of the fastest growing economy in the world.
As the beginning of Vinter Capital, We welcome to cooperate with a company in Asean Country especially a company that is strong in the network marketing. We prefer to cooperate with a network marketing company as is it a proven and it is a fast growing business model.

The Bridge to Vietnam and Vietnam to the Asean Market
  • 1. Through our strong connection in Vietnam we had the experience to support and ability to connect the business that is based in Vietnam country.
  • 2. One of our vision is also to promote the Vietnam market to the Asean Country, we focus in the Real Estate sector, Hotel & Tourism, Investment instrument, Network Marketing & Advertisement.
  • 3. We also committed to expand the business in Vietnam to another Asean Country by using the network marketing to link together hence our platform is a multiple way inside or outside Vietnam country. This way benefit both party especially our own business empire that already established in Vietnam.
  • 4. We strive to provide the advantage for our marketing partner by provide a support and strong connection all part over Vietnam, we had a ready facility, business connection, a link in private and government sector.

V International Capital or Vinter Capital is a emerging business superpower

Founded by the business connection in the past and become a unique business alliance in present day

VIC Company Limited deploy a unique strategy to stay competative in the highly complicated and fast changing market. We had a lot advantage with our business connection in the past and ultilizing it for the benefit of the rapidly growing business empire. Our strength field in business are

  • Wood Plantation for Paper Industry (Acacia Auriculiformis / Kayu Putih / ไม้เสม็ด)

  • Business Consultansy (MLM, Trading, Factory, Import & Export and Invesment)

  • Hotel and Tourism